Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying without your own wings (and eating while doing so)

All three of my kids love flying. For the twins I think it's genetic: their mother has been working for a large airlines.

One of the things my kids, Justin in particular, is odd about is that they love airline food. (They are like Stargate Atlantis's Dr. McKay in that!) At this point Malév, the Hungarian Airlines is the favorite, as they give Túró Rudi (it's sweet cottage heese covered in dark chocolate) and KLM comes a close second.

Recently, however, part or all their travel includes budget airlines (and AerLingus, which is not officially budget, but has many of the same practices) and on those flights you don't get any food or drink unless you buy it. There is a wide variety of snacks and sandwiches available on most of these flights, including chicken soup and microwave pizza. This doesn't sit well with my sons. Why? Because, as Justin pointed out, "Ryanair has no kosher food."

It's not that we force the kids to eat kosher--well, we don't really keep kosher outside our home--but not having the option seems to bother the boys. They can't spend their hard earned Euros on non-kosher food when flying! So they keep ending up with a lot of tiny cans of Coca Cola.

And then keeping most of them without drinking them! We have a nice little pyramid made out of the 150 ml cans (they are about half the size of the regular cans) and we needed to find a use for them. Matthew came up with a brilliant idea to chill them, put them back in the pyramid and use them for their birthday party tomorrow!


  1. Én még csak egyszer repültem, de akkor rögtön jó sokat! És a KLM gépen tényleg jó volt a kaja :)

  2. Ugye? Nekem eddig a Delta ízlett a legvésbbé!



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