Thursday, June 4, 2009

The shock

Yesterday I was around on LJ, and well, I read about a once popular / well known LJer, poisoning her daughter with fecal matter. She was never on my flist there, but I knew of her, and we were participating in the same communities and often ended up in the same discussions. And my kids have been praying for her daughter, Dakota for the last few months. They have poured their hearts out to HaShem for that little girl, Dakota , daughter of R.

Yesterday when the news hit, the kids were already in bed, except my eldest. He is 10 and he can use the Internet with less supervision than his siblings, that is, he can browse in our room. And he was checking out a community we have been frequenting that was full of news and opinions about what Emily had done. So my son asked and we had to talk about things I didn't think I had to explain for a few more years.

This morning I overheard my son explaining to his younger brothers what happened in terms that the five-year-olds could comprehend, and then I heard them praying together for Dakota, her brother and sister and her brother and even for Emily that she may never hurt anyone ever again.

My young sons, who just experienced various drills at their schools, preparing them for rocket attacks, were faced with something that was a lot worse, something they thought was unimaginable: a parent harming their own child. This was a recurring topic today, and I expect it will be something that we'll keep talking about it as long as they need to. And we'll keep praying for Dakota.

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  1. Elég meredek ügy.... Valahol ezek a dolgok azok, amik legjobban megakadályoznak abban, hogy higgyek egy kegyes, jóakaró Isten létezésében. Hogy engedhetné, hogy ártatlan gyermekek szenvedjenek, ráadásul a saját szüleik által???!!
    Na, mindegy. Remélem rendbejön a kislány. De mi lesz aztán?



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