Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer plans!

Well, with only two weeks left of the school year, we are ready with most of our summer plans!

Craig finishes elementary school on June 30, and there is a ceremony and a concert with his school. The next day is the twins' gan graduation--we are lucky that got postponed a day!

Early on July 3 the boys leave for California with Janice (the twins' mom) to see their family there and also visit Craig's mom's sister in Nevada. Kevin will join them for about a week while I'm in Budapest.

July 28th Nathan, a childhood friend will come to visit us in Israel (2 days after I get back from Hungary) and will stay for 10 days, so the boys will have time with their Uncle Nathan. In August I have back surgery, and Craig was supposed to go to Szarvas again for the Lauder/JOINT International Jewish Youth Camp, but then we got word that the CI day camp is at the same time, and we opted for donating his Szarvas spot to someone else. He and the twins can all go next year! So I'll have all the boys home for 25 days! Woohoo!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool sounding plans you have! Do you think they could smuggle me to Nevada in their luggage?



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