Friday, July 31, 2009

The last Shabbat without the boys

This is my sons' last Shabbat in America. During their time there they have had a chance to visit many places in California (yes, Disneyland included), Lake Tahoe and Carson City, Nevada. In addition to visiting their mom's family, they spent time with Craig's aunt, uncle and cousins as well as my sister and her family. They experienced a Jewish day school, went to 4 different synagoges, including a Chabad Lubavitch one and celebrated Independence Day and observed Tisha B'Av there.

They are leaving California tomorrow afternoon and will arrive home on Monday, just in time for 12 days of cousin camp. But now, once again, they are celebrating the Shabbat with their family there. They bond with them over the flickering flames of the Shabbat candle, the challah and kiddush cup. And when the memories of the Disney rides will fade, they will remember their times around the Shabbat table with Grampa.

Shabbat Shalom, boys!

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