Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Giveaway!

Would you like to win a copy of Maggie Anton's book Rashi's Daughters: Rachel?

Then please do the following:

1. Join the Michal's Tefillin forum.
2. You can choose from the following actions:
a) Grab one of the buttons below and display them on your blog's sidebar. Simply copy and paste the text from the box below to your blog's sidebar, either into the code or using a text/html box widget.

Post the link of your blog to the Book Giveaway topic on the forum.

b) Write an entry in your blog, linking back to Michal's Tefillin or one of the articles in our first issue. Share your thoughts, feelings, or just that you like it.

Post the link to your blog entry to the Book Giveaway topic on the forum.

c) Friend Michal's Tefillin on MySpace and add it as a top friend.
Post your MySpace link on the Book Giveaway topic on the forum.

d) Write a note on Facebook about Michal's Tefillin.
Post the link to your note on the Book Giveaway topic on the forum. Please make sure that you make the note visible to everyone.

e) Post 5 meaningful and relevant posts on the Michal's Tefillin Forum. Only the first 5 posts count and we reserve judgement on what's meaningful and relevant! Post on the Book Giveaway topic when you are done!

If you do each of the 5 things, you get entered into the drawing for the book 5 times.

The drawing will be done with a random number generator on October 30th. To be eligible you have to post your link by October 28th.

Questions? Suggestions? Ask on the Book Giveaway topic or email

The giveaway, like the forum, is open to anyone regardless of age, gender or religion.

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