Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bunny hop, bunny hop, here's a baby carrot!

So my kids love rabbits, especially Matthew does. He has a somewhat neglected virtual bunny on one site and he has always had bunny plushies.

Our rabbi's kids breed bunnies.

"Oh wait, I thought hare was not kosher!"

True, but these bunnies are not for dinner. They are lovely pet dwarf bunnies. And because his kids like mine, theygave us two cute little pointed dwarf rabbits. They were already home when my boys got in, so after much sqealing with delight, Mr. Bunny was named Colbert (those who know Matthew's virtual pet shouldn't be surprised by that) and Miss Bunny was named Mei.

You see, Matthew is a HUGE fan of Stephen Colbert.

Now I can literally see other parents shaking their heads at the thought of a 6-year-old Colbert fan, but we were living in Hungary at the time of the building of Budapest's most recent bridge, for which there was a naming poll. If the bridge had been truly named after the winner, Budapest would now have a bridge called Stephen Colbert. Mind you, many Hungarians who are up to date with American pop-culture, still refer to it as Stephen Colbert híd. Híd means bridge, by the way.

I think Colbert and Mei are in danger of carrott poisoning. My kids have been trying to get them to eat carrots ever since they got home.

About five minutes ago I heard Justin yell really loudly, "Dad, she is asleep!"
I looked at Mei, and had to tell my son, "Not any more!"



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