Thursday, September 24, 2009

A game of Activity

At least once every week some of my siblings and our families meet up for game night. Our game of choice is Activity, a game that is the love child of Charades, Pictionary and angsty teenage poetry. Two or more teams play against each other, and since there are enough of us, we have a game master as well. There are various things that need to be found out. They are written on small cards, with a small clue, such as "Title" or "Person" or "Verb" and the method of giving clues to your team is dtermined by a small spin. It can be pantomime, drawing or rhyming. When we play the prize is always a plate of cookies, which are always shared between all the players.

One time we were playing at my brother Chalin's and my brother Efi was the game master, so he was the one to provide that day's assignments. With one little card in hand, Chalin went to the white board and drew the picture on the left (ok, so this was later redone on paper). Without further ado my lovely 6-year-old shouted "A-ba-ni-bi!"

The game stopped there, because it just turned into laughter intermixed with more Eurosong singing, including a performance of Dana International's Diva.


  1. OKAY! This game sounds like loads of fun. Who wouldn't get competitive over a plate of cookies?! I could just envision my family playing this game!

  2. Dionne, this is totally loads of fun. The best thing is that you can modify the rules to your own needs!



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