Friday, September 11, 2009

Kiyv, here I come!

First of all, those of you who don't know yet, my cousin Arik and his wife Svetlana have a travel date to pick up their new son and daughter in Kiyv. They are leaving on September 23 and their SDA appointment is the day after Yom Kippur. We are all very excited for them! They are looking at about 6 weeks in Kiyv.

A week after them I'll be arriving in Kiyv for about 3-4 weeks for embrionic stem cell treatment! This should actually make quite a difference in my life, too. But the best part will be being able to spend some time with Arik and Sviet, and then Fanya and Yaakov. We will share the cost of a nice apartment (which is already made very affordable by the Jewish community) and cooking.

Sweet. I have sweet memories of Ukraine, and I hope this upcoming visit will be another good one.

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