Thursday, September 17, 2009

My newest project: Michal's Tefillin

Shana Tova! Happy Jewish New Year!

We celebrate the beginning of 5770 (starting tomorrow at sunset) with the go live of Michal's Tefillin, a new site for today's strong Jewish women.

Why the name? From the welcoming editorial by the super talented Basia Ellen:
Michal, the daughter of King Saul, wife of King David, had chutzpah. She wore tefillin while she prayed, such was her aura and strength that not even the sages, not usually open to women taking the reins, could complain about her. While Michal’s role in the Torah was limited to being a wife and a daughter, reading between the lines, we see a woman of wit and wile, a woman who carried out the strength of her convictions, despite the consequences.
In today's world there are many women who embody the spirit of Michal. They may or may not lay tefillin to pray, but they are strong Jewish women.

The contributors of Michal's Tefillin represent the plurality of today's Jews. From the recent convert to the ones who can trace their family trees back to 1st century Judea, from the assimilated secular to the haredi (ultra orthodox) can make their voices heard.

Why am I posting this on my parenting blog? Because I want my future daughters and daughters-in-law to be like the women behind Michal's Tefillin. I want them strong and independent. I want them proud of their Jewish roots. I want them to walk their own paths, make their own choices. I want them to be like Basia Ellen, Miriam Abrams, Maggie Anton, Sharon Novikov, Noa Ben Dov Bibi or Ooty Reut Raz Yaacobi.

Come, read about these wonderful women. Join me in this adventure with this new project. Visit the site, join the forum, if you wish, share and find out that we aren't that different after all. Rejoice with us in the new year. Enjoy a piece of apple dipped in honey with us this Rosh Hashanah.


  1. Thank you Hevel for giving us this platform. You are an amazing person and we are all richer for knowing you.

    Basia Ellen
    Michal's Tefillin

  2. Thank you for bringing us together and helping us share our stories!

  3. Good luck with the project!

    (I haven't forgotten about the photos I promised)



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