Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shalom Kitah Alef - the compulsory first day of school post

Today was my 6-year-old sons' first day of school, and my 10-year-old son's first day of junior high.

Since Craig's school had a welcoming the new students thingy last night--where, as some of you might be pleased to know, the school uniform drama was peacefully resolved--this morning we just dropped him off and he had a non-ceremonial first day. Non-ceremonial as far as parents are involved. He had his first ever Arabic class, and he had a blast. One of his greatest news for the day: "Dad, I'm not the shortest kid in class!" Which with him being about 2 years younger than most of his class is great news. He also had his first PE class of the year, and he was excited that they will do track and gymnastics alike. He told his PE teacher about the CI, and it seems it will work out better than with the previous school. He also got to pick his own seat in te class, next to one of his friends, in a place that is good for him. His friend is good about helping him, and his teachers are already aware of what's gonna happen. He loves it already.

After dropping craig off, it was time to take the twins to school. As soon as I stopped the car, the kids jumped out with a "Bye, Dad!" and took off for the school. Kevin had to run after them so they'd wait for us. You see, they have attended nursery school/pre-school/gan since they were 6 months old. It's the same thing, just a different place, they figured.

Every 1st grader was met by a 6th or 5th grader at the gate, handing out balloons, name tags, a school hat and a school scarf for the new kids. These older kids stayed with their new "buddy" for most of the morning, and they will continue to mentor them during the first weeks. I thought that was a lovely idea. There was a nice little show, though no clown (my kids were really expecting one, as there was one last year at the gan), and then the parents were invited to go to class with the kids and stay for a little while. We were kicked out after about an hour, and then the serious work began. So serious, that both boys brough homework home: they had to convince their parents to write their names in all their clothes and stuff.

And this turned into a first for me: writing my sons' names in Hebrew for the very first time. :-) In permanent marker. On their sneakers.

There is no after school care for the twins this week, so as I had an emergency at work I had to pick them up and bring them in to the office. Where their doting grandfather, who happens to be my iron-fisted father (Hi Dad!) he let the kids watch [Scrubs] and The Simpsons on one of the spare computers. He even let them play with the label maker! Scandalous! (Hi Dad, again!)

Since this is a compulsory first day of school post, here is a compulsory school related song for all Hungarian speakers. And for those who don't speak Hungarian: mementos from a school child's life in the 80's in Hungary. I'm sure Ramona will be able to relate to some of this!


  1. wow! junior high so young? what is it like having your 10 year-old socializing with older kids? how cut must it have been to see your children welcomed back to school by some of the older students. what a great idea.

  2. About the older kids welcoming the younger ones it was the same when Craig started school in Hungary. It is really a great idea. He was, btw, 5 when he started school because he could already read and do basic math he was progressed to second grade at the end of the semester and we began our temporary home school career due to Ms Awful.

  3. Tökjó! Judit kb ugyanígy elsuhant tegnap az oviba, puszi nélkül :) Ma kaptam puszit is!

    Nincs gondja a srácoknak a héberrel?

  4. Ah, I see my question answered in the comments already as to "why so young". Ms Awful? I know there is a story behind that!

  5. The Teacher's name was Ormosné Fullajtár Éva. At that time I was helping out with the school IT, because they didn't have an IT guy, and her user name on the system was OFULL which lead to her "nickname". She was all right, she just had a very high squeaky voice that Craig had trouble understanding.



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