Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conversations with my Sons Vol. 3: Zoology/Evolution/etc.

Matthew: Dad, what happened to dinasours?
Me: No one is really sure how, but they went extinct. Scientists think it was a meteorite.
Matthew: But I heard it on TV that chickens are descended from dinosaurs.
Me: Well, yeah, but chickens aren't exactly dinosaurs.
Matthew: No, I guess not. Jurassic Park wouldn't be the same with chickens.
Me: No, that wouldn't be scary at all.
Matthew: Yeah, birds are not really scary. (He goes to play with Colbert and Mei.)
Kevin: He only says that because he hasn't seen Alfred Hitchcock's Birds.


  1. That's funny. That movie will seriously change your view on birds! Never again do you see them the same way. FREAKY!

  2. Melody,

    I know! Ever since I saw it I don't really care for birds! Not even on (fluff)friends! They are somewhat scary!



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