Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday I had to go and pick Matthew up early from school. He was running a fever and had a sore throat. I took him to the pediatrician - make a good use of my driver's licence while I still have it! - and we got the verdict: flu. Most likely it's one of the kosher types. So now I have one kid home with the flu and myself with flu-like-symptoms, but nothing definite to say. Oh well.

Matthew is now in bed, watching TV and eating the bunnies' carrots. I think bunnies will get broccolis today. Or something.


  1. I'm sorry you guys are under the weather! Hopefully it won't hit anyone else and your symptoms will miraculously disappear!

    Happy ICLW!

  2. Hi :o) I'm here from the ungaming game.

    Hope you guys get better soon and that the bunnies get their beloved carrots back!

  3. :o) Kosher flu!! Lol... Hope you stay healthy and Matthew gets better!

  4. Well, if he had to have the flu, I'm glad it was a kosher kind. LOL

    Hope you are all better!

  5. Thank you, all, he is now completely healthy! He went to school the last few days and there was no relapse!



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