Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glitter shoes and some bad news for Hungary

Hungary is not participating in Eurovision 2010. Hungary is not only not participating in 2010 in the Eurovision Song Contest, but - get this! - the Hungarian Public Television is not going to broadcast it either! I will have to make sure that I am in Israel/Ireland during Eurovision week this coming spring!

That above was Bayer Friderika singing the English version of the 1994 Hungarian Eurovision entry. I think this was around the same time she became a charismatic Christian. Makes the song have so many levels of meaning, doesn't it? One of the best Eurovision songs in my lifetime (A-ba-ni-bi and Hallelujah are older than me.)

Now back tothe topic of glitter shoes. As it has already been established, I'm in no danger of winning Parent of the Year. My newest thing is... buying my sons (and Kevin and my brother and my niece and my sister and my nephew) some glitter shoes. All because my 6-year-old who should remain namless told his twin brother Justin that he wants to borrow his uncle's glitter shoes (Efi wore them for a show) because he liked the new Mika video. So I went and bought several pairs. And while there at the shop, I boought new underwear for the boys. Now if I let them wear their new undies with their new shoes they have their instant Purim costumes!



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