Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are golden, we are golden! (And it's not only about music)

We are golden...

As most people know, I'm a Mika fan. Okay, Basia, I know what you think about it! (I'm also a Hell's Kitchen addict, but only watch the American version, because of Gordon Ramsay, and my guilty pleasure is Survivor. Now I might also add that I think Fig Newtons are a basic food group and I put ketchup on my pizza. Done with confessions for now.)

So,I love Mika.When I first heard his song Grace Kelly I wasn't exactly sure what I thought. Happy Ending was more convincing, but it was Any Other World that made me a fan.

Three years have passed since his first album, and the much anticipated second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much finally came out. The first video that came out for the album was absolutely convincing. As long as I didn't have the sound on. Mika in underwear and yellow (and green) glitter shoes? Heaven on YouTube!

But the song itself... I wasn't to sure about the song itself. Then I heard the accoustic version and I started to think that I loved the song. Because we are golden.

We are golden.  We are creations of G-d. We are golden. We just have to make sure that we live up to our potentials. We are golden, because we carry that divine spark.

The LORD G-d formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. Genesis 2:7

That breath of life is the absolute greatest gift from HaShem for us. That breath of life was a breath of the divine! We got an amazing heritage with that! That is the big difference between us and the other leaving creatures: we have that breath of G-d.

Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT a Jewish thing. Adam wasn't a Jew. All people, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or religion carry that divine spark. We are golden.

Now it only depends on us what we will do with that spark. We need to realise that we are golden. But that realisation should not be followed by entitlement complexes! We shouldn't fall into the trap of the self-esteem movement that has so deeply ingrained the entitlement to instant gratification in multiple generations now. We can choose to follow that path, or find alternatives to live a life that is less self-centred and egotistical, where self esteem is not confused by I'm-better-than-you attitudes.


  1. Basia, what's wrong with being a Mika addict?

    Hevel, you know what I think :D
    And I have to add I love your interpretation.

    Oh, yeah, and yay for Gordon Ramsay, fig newtons and ketchuped pizza :)

  2. My interpretation:


  3. I may as well admit out front that I think that the Eurovision Song Contest is the worst bit of television production that I have ever seen. It seems fairly obvious that the Eastern European countries play the "I'll scratch yours if you'll scratch mine" game. It has brought us some of the worst musical performances and endless, cheesy commentary I have ever seen, so now it is banned from my house.

    I do, however, like Mika's original hit song... Grace Kelly, which is odd, catchy, clever, different, and fun. Oh, I wish that I had never heard the new one: unlike you, I find it discordant nonsense and I can't stand when my 6 year old repeats "We are golden, we are golden" in the back of my car. I'd much rather hear him sing Abba, Michael Buble or Take That! He's not bad for 6.
    I also have a very different experience of Judaism than you do. This is what I love about ICLW; it brings me the knowledge and experience of people who think differently than I do. I think if we ever met, you and I would have to agree to disagree, but that's totally cool with me. That's what makes the world such an interesting place.

  4. Lisa,

    Thevoting system is totally screwed up on Eurovision. Because of that, for the last few years, some of the better songs never even made it to the final. But it's also a family tradition, so Eurovision I must see! I also prefer to watch it in various countries, in some places it is totally charming when sports commentators babble on.

    The beauty of the world lies in being able to agree to disagree! Wish more people were able to do that!



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