Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chanukah is coming!!!

I'm so excited about Chanukah! It is one of my favorite holidays, even though it is a "minor," rabbinical holiday (that is, not mentioned in the Torah). I love it, because with all the holiday spirit, there aren't really restrictions. There are sufganiyot (jelly filled doughnuts) and latkes, dreidels and candles, family time as we play and lots of lots of light.

Around this time of the year, Jesus was celebrating the Festival of Light. He was lighting candles in the evening, remembering the mighty miracle of the oil that lasted 8 days. He was eating fried food and dairy, just like Jews have been doing it from before him till today.

The sofganiyot kiosks are springing up in Israel, and some places, where you'd least expect it, you can buy sufganiyot. Like the news stand across the street where I buy the top up cards for my phone.There are public chanukiyot (chanukah menorahs) all over, and after dark the windows are radiating the light of the candles.

Chanukah is coming.

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  1. Köze nincs Hanukához, de olyan mókás:



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