Friday, December 18, 2009

Today we lit the last Chanukah candle

Chanukah, these are days of light, chanukiyah is burning bright, reach inside and reveal the light and we begin to light up the world, we can light up the world.

Today, before sunset, we lit all eight candles on the chanukiyah before lighting the Shabbat candles.

It's the last night of Chanukah, and I'm a tad melancholic that the holiday is already over. I enjoyed having my boys home. Lighting the candles, playing with dreidels, spending time with family, visiting the Golan were all wonderful activities of the past week. However, the most profound activity this week was the annual Chanukah trip to the Kotel, otherwise known as the West Wall. After all, the whole holiday has to do with the dedication of the Temple.

My cousin's family joined us this time, again. It was the first time at the Kotel for their three newly adopted children. It was amazing to see the children listen to the story of the m,iracle of the oil and to light their chanukiyot and touch the stone that is all that is left of the Temple for us for now. There was that sparkle in their eyes, as they drank up the stories of miracles of old.

And so we begin to light up the world.


  1. Nice time-- thanks for sharing about a different holiday.

  2. Actually, it is pretty amazing to me to have someone who actually comments on my humble little blog be THERE in that holy place...a place that, though I write nice lesson plans about it, still seems soooo far removed in both time and space. How amazing to be in the Holy Land!

  3. Christine - Thank you for reading it. It's a holiday that is mentioned in the New Testament as having been celebrated by Jesus.

    Annie - a land is as holy as its inhabitants make it. "To walk where Jesus walked" you don't have to come to Jerusalem, because you are walking in his footsteps.

  4. Very interesting. You are done and we are almost to our holiday. It sounds like you had a lot of family filled fun.

  5. Hevel,
    Happy Chanakuh!
    It sounds like a wonderful celebration!

  6. Chanukah is a wonderful celebration - one that is even mentioned in the New Testament, as I said above. It is just a celebration of the light in the darkest months of the year, of the Temple, and well, yes, the military heroes of old.



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