Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing family

So. Kevin. Got. News. From. That. Unnamed. Country. In. The. Caucasian Mountains.

Actually he got news a couple days ago. This time from people who match children with prospective parents.

Yes. We knew that even though we normally don't fit requirements, we were approved for adoption (thanks to my MIL, who has really been becoming great... no, honest! She has been accepting the boundaries we set and lets us be without being controlling and the passive aggressiveness  is totally manageable).

It's boy-girl twins, who were 9 months old at registration (around 10 or 11 months now). The boy is suspected to have some hearing loss in one ear (not sure about that) and they are black. As far as MIL was able to find out, their mom is Russian / local ethnicity with possibly one Jewish parent (yes, Jew is considered an ethnicity there) and dad is Russian / Togoan. They had been offered to couples both domestic and foreign and were not accepted. You see, people don't come to this country to adopt biracial children.

Oh,  no I never mentioned that MIL is in country now and has been for the last 2 months or so with work. She has really been a tremendous help in this process, and we'd be lost without her at this point. I think getting into this adoption together really helped smooth the relationship between Kevin's family and us. I'm most grateful for that!

The twins shall be known as Ezra and Shiri from now on in our family. If all goes well, with a trip to the US to handle Israeli immigration, they should be home sometime in July the latest. Yes, we are changing their first names (their original names are long, complicated and no one ever called them that - caregivers volunteered to MIL to call them by their new names), keeping their original language nicknames as middle names and they are getting a hyphenated last name. Because of this last bit, it was kind of important that their first names are not a gazillion syllables.

Yes, we will convert them. Officially. With mikveh and all. They'll officially be Jewish. However, anyone who was converted as a child can easily "unconvert" as an adult by officially stating they do not wish to be Jews. That simple.

And now because I will no longer simply have 3 Jewish boys, the title of the blog will be changing soon. already points to this blog. Please bookmark it: as soon as P is officially ours the current URL will be discontinued.


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