Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 10

I found this on Annie's blog, and while I wasn't exactly tagged, I thought I'd tag myself, and do this meme.

The idea is simple: Share ten things that make you happy and then tag ten friends so they, too can do this. As Annie already pointed out, many people tag less than ten other bloggers, and I might actually just have to do that myself as I'm not sure there are ten people reading my blog.

1. Snuggling with the kids in bed. This usually happens on Shabbat evenings/mornings wehn no one is in a hurry.
2. Lighting the Shabbat candles and/or doing kiddush: ushering the Shabbat in makes me happy. So I might add singing Lecha Dodi at shul to this one, as well.
3. Reading a good book.
4. Baking challah. Especially when I get to do it from scratch.
5. Spending time with my friends, offline or online. I rarely get to do the offline part as most of my friends live thousands of miles away.
6. Learning to walk again.
7. Hot, long baths with nice semlling things.
8. Teaching something new to my sons.
9. Shabbat gatherings with my extended family.
10. Cooking with Kevin, just the two of us.

Basically... I think being at home and being a father makes me happy.

Now, the people I tag:
1. Bozót
2. Jon
4. Christie (the half of Mike and Christie)
5. Ramona
6. Mary
8. Basia


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