Friday, January 1, 2010

I need a new name for my blog

We started 2010 as a family of 6. With the paperwork started, legal guardianship temporarily signed over to us, we are now the proud parents of 4 boys. I really need to find a new title for my blog! Any suggestions? (Yes, I do own the domain, and no, I don't want to turn it into this blog.)

New Year's Eve went surprisingly well. New Year's Eve afternoon involves a traditional gathering at my brother's house. My SIL was born in Moscow, so every year there is a trea decorated, gifts and food at their house over New Year's. Since we knew as much that Christmas was a trigger for P, plus he is not doing too well in very busy situations, so I wasn't sure if he wanted to participate. I sat down with him on Wednesday and explained to him what to expect and that it was up to him if he wanted to go. There would be lots of new family, and no, it was NOT Christmas. There won't be an appearance of anyone resembling Santa Claus and everyone gets a present whether they have been naughty or nice. I gave him till yesterday morning to think about it, but the boys' excitement was contagious, and by Wednesday evening he decided to come along. He joined the other three in making paper chains and paper lanterns.

After picking Craig and Matthew fup from school - P and Justin were home with colds - we headed over to my brother's house. This year we had only a smallish crowd - no more than 14 adults and 20 kids. We did have the usual fun, from Russian music, The Nutcracker being on the projector with the little girls and my brother Efi actually watching it, konfetti and kvas. P mostly stayed glued to Craig, and then watched The Nutcracker with the little girls. He was enjoying opening presents with the others, and really seemed to like his new matching PJs, bathroom set (towels, robe, electric toothbrush, sponge set) and hat, gloves and scarf he got for next week's trip to the Golan. He didn't care as much for the DVDs he got though.

Coming home we let the boys stay up till 9:30, but they were all in bed by 9, with the promise that we'd wake them up before midnight. Which we did, so we watched the clock take us into 2010, drank some sprkling whatever, and everyone went back to bed. 

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