Sunday, February 21, 2010

Off to Netanya tomorrow.... do a little work, and then off to IKEA.

You see, we have to make room for three more little ones.

With everything going on in the next 2 months, this week is pretty much all we have to fix the rooms properly for when the little ones will be home.

The problem is, that we still have no idea how to room them. When they get home, the kids will be 11 yo boy, 9 yo boy, 7 yo boy, 7 yo boy, 4 yo girl, 1 yo boy, 1 yo girl. We have 3 bedrooms for the 7 kids. The largest one currently has a bunkbed for the twins and a loft that the two older boys used for a while, with plenty of space for two more beds, and two much smaller (12 sqm and 10 sqm) rooms, one of which is now used by the older boys, and one that is currently a guest room. One option is to put the four current boys together, put the younger twins in the older boys' room and put the older girl in the tiny room. Or, baby boy could go with the older twins, and the girls could share a room.

I am so totally undecided it hurts. Kevin and I need to buy everything tomorrow so next weekend we can put everything together... No idea what to do!


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