Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another birthday...

...and another Gianni Mornadi video that is absolutely not a birthday song (but one of Kevin's favorite songs).

Happy 35th, Kevin!

A while back Kevin said that life begins at 35; up until then we are just learning to live. Well, my sweet Kevin, time to start applying what you have learnt!

Kevin has been the biggest blessing in my life. He is a brilliant, patient, and very handsome man, who is fiercly loyal, and absolutely funny man. He is very dedicated to his ideas, too. He believes in peace and opposes war. He loves good music, good food and good company. He can solve the hardest sudoku puzzles, bake an Esterházy cake from scratch and put the kids to bed in less than 15 minutes. He loves the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, he has built a piano for fun, and he understands the forensic babble in CSI.
And I'm absolutely in love.


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