Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eurovision countdown 6.

This song, the most memorable for me from 1996 was actually not in the competition.

It was Morten Harket's song in the opening part of the show.

Seriously, what's not to love about Morten Harket? As a middle child in a very European family, my only sister in the other family was the biggest A-Ha fan who ever walked the earth. Do you know what her major was in college? Scandinavian studies (Norwegian). That's how big a fan she was. (She also has a degree in nursing.) Actually, she was there in Norway with an Erasmus type scholarship in 1996, and went to the Eurovision final. And this year, once again, she will be back, as 10th anniversary present from her husband. (Hopefully Skaat wins this year, so we can go to the final next year!)

Morten Harket was my first celebrity crush. And no, it wasn't with the comic book video. It was After the Rain. I still have a few of those BRAVO (or is it Popcorn?) star cards, one of them is Morten, another is A-ha. Just don't tell my kids.


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