Saturday, May 1, 2010

A little interruption to the 30-day-challenge

I can't believe it's already May! Kevin is leaving for that certain Caucasian country in less than a week! Tomorrow we are celebrating a cousin's wedding and then on Monday we will celebrate Patrik's birthday. He is turning 9.

We had some conflict with our US adoption agency over the fact that a) we don't want to hire their translator (well, especially not after she continued to translate 8 as 4) b) Kevin won't rent the facilitator's mom's apartment c) we won't hire their driver.

You see, we lost all respect and trust for the translator after the "mistake" in translation. It was only partially her fault, I have to admit: when Kevin hopped over to officially accept the referral he found that our 4-year-old was actually in 2nd grade! Her records had not been updated for over 4 years! And the translator thought that in the last file the number was a typo!

Actually that is not the primary reason why we don't need/want her services. Kevin's mother is fluent in the local language and Kevin is fluent in Russian. Actually in the city where the children are Kevin has relatives (the children's birth mother was also related to Kevin, she passed away 9 months ago) who will be in Canada the time Kevin will be in town, so they are happy to have Kevin and his mom house sit for them. The agency wasn't happy about that choice. They are otherwise a great agency, and we only heard great things about them from other families, but this one thing... Well, I know it can make the facilitator less than happy, but then we don't really need the facilitator either.

Anyway, things are now going well. I have redecorated Noa's room, and bought new cothes and stuff to give her.


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