Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So what is this Eurovision thing you keep talking about?

Actually what I'm talking about is the Eurovision Song Contest (link to Wikipedia). It's an annual competition between member states of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). (Israel, though it is in Asia, is a member of EBU and thus participates in the competition.) It has been around since 1956. Ireland first particpated in 1965, Israel in 1973 and Hungary in 1994. (Those are my three European countries.) Ireland has won a record 7 times, Israel three times. Israel is also the only country that not participated in the contest the year after a win: after Gali Atari and Milk And Honey won in 1979, Israel opted not to take part in the 1980 competition that was held on Israel's Memorial Day (link to a previous entry on my blog).

This year the two semifinals are held on May 25 and 27 (with Harel Skaat singing in the second one) and the final is going to be on the 29th. It's going to e broadcast live by many EBU member channels as well as online (link to the ESC live streaming site).

Baxk on LJ I used to have several LJ friends, who were big ESC fans (like celestialwillow), some of whom would "watch along" (and discuss the show on Yahoo messenger while watching it) or review it. I miss that.


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