Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good bye, Kitah Alef!

Today was the last day of the 5770 school year for my younger three. P finished the third year and the twins finished the first, aka Kitah Alef. The year brought its fair share of challenges, - and not only for the kids, but for this Hebrew challenged dad as well, - disappointments (not switching to 5 days weeks and Scientologists) and joys. We met some great teachers and stone-hearted buerocrats during the year. We enjoyed holidays and special celebrations with the three classes we had children in. And today we bid farewell to the school. The friends we made there, we hope, will remain. 

I can measure this year's progress, or lack thereof, the best on the twins. While they blossomed in some areas, I feel that they stagnated in others. Others include English and general reading comprehension. They both learned a lot in other areas, though Matthew faced a lot of challenges due to the school not being considerate of his needs. I feel comfortable about our choice of changing schools for the kids. Still, it was bittersweet to see the boys say good by to their teachers and friends.


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