Friday, June 18, 2010

More news from the Caucasus

Mormoremore news! Yesterday the two younger kids' passports arrived. Noa's expected today. The paper chase at the US embassy is under way, and both Kevin and MIL are discouraged by it at this point. While there is a document by the persumed father of the twins giving up his parental rights, this might not be enough for the US to deem the adoption valid. There are some suspicions based on two of the three exceptions that were made (due to Kevin being practically next-of-kin to the mother). In case things don't work out as they should -- I'm still hopeful, though -- the next action is getting over to Tbilisi, Georgia, where the nearest Israeli Embassy/Consulate is. A lot of things will be determined by tonight though, so there is a slicght chance that Kevin, MIL, Janice and the kids will be on a flight to the US on Tuesday. 

Let's keep fingers crossed.


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