Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can I say... Ugh?

Yesterday was a busy busy day with going all the way up to LA and consulate paperwork. We also did some LDS tourism, to round out the Pioneer Day activities and meeting one of my former missionary companions and his wife -- also ex-LDS -- hanging out and driving back down to OC together. I mentioned to Marcus that I wanted to buy some scripture stickers for P, and he suggested to check an LDS book store in Orange. So we went down where I and Kevin and Marcus all vaguely remembered the shop to have been, only to find a video store. Maybe they had shut down? No idea. 

Since we were already there, we all had dinner at Mary Callender's, and took two pies home. Yummy yummy. 

Ezra had a little too much activity during the day, so he was fussy and pretty hyper, so Kevin spent quite a bit of time with him outside, walking around the parking lot. Boy, that kid looooooves walking!  When the food was served Ezra settled down just long enough to eat, but as soon as he was  done with his grilled lemon chicken he promptly started to remove his eye patch (another story I'll never write), and with it came a bit of his eyebrow as well. 

He fell asleep on the way back home, but upon getting in, he woke up again and then kept Shiri awake, which, in turn kept Kevin awake. One positive thing about being deaf is that I can sleep through anything.

This morning we woke up to a call from NJ, regarding the reservations we made for the wedding we are going to. They accidentally duble booked, so they offered us an alternative, which is very much not accessible for me. So now we are to find accomodations for 5 people at a reasonable price, that is accessible and doesn't have too many ridiculous rules. Good luck to Kevin on this. 


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