Sunday, July 4, 2010

In a few hours...

In a few hours I'll lend at LAX. Then I'll drive down south for a while. And when I arrive in that nice little house where everything began, my children will be there. Or rather, three of my children. And the job to learn to communicate with them.

You know, one thing that irks me when it comes to adoption trip blogging is how the adoptive parents almost always make a remark about how most people don't speak English or how their English is sub par. Now the question is, how many people in the US speak the language of the country they are visiting? Or really, how many Americans can actually communicate in a foreign language? Definitely not those people who are critisizing the English of the people of their children's country of origin. If they did, why would they rely on translators? Anyway, I am here in the USA and am trying to figure out a way I can make myself understood by my Armenian children.

In a few hours, I will be able to talk to my children who are in Hungary. I will be reunited with Kevin. And I will be meeting my daughters and my baby son!


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