Friday, July 9, 2010

Jet Lag? Nah

So, for me to come away for most of the summer means that I do have to work remotely. Part of the work involves online meetings and presentations. Of course work runs on Tel Aviv time, and I would run on California time, but no. The last two nights I was up most of the night and took an extended afternoon nap. Now I could possibly be sleeping, but I can't fall back asleep. Jet lag has nothing to do with my messed up sleep schedule. 

It's also a challenge to lie low and do not do exciting activities when you are staying in a house that your family hasn't lived in for 8 years and it is in between renters... even if you have furniture, it's just not like home and all we want to do is get out. There are some great parks around, the beach is not too far, and great areas to hike and have a picnic. And then, as I mentioned in the previous post, Disneyland is close by. So is Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios isn't terribly far away. The San Diego Zoo is also accessible on a same day trip. There are so many things to do with the kids. And Noa is super excited about all of this. She is treating the whole thing as a vacation, so maybe I should be less concerned about all the literature I read? Of course we don't want to overload her with experiences, but... Tough choice. Especially because her life with a foster family and the twins' experiences in the orphanage were very different. She has been exposed to many different things that the twins haven't. She craves the adventures - and she is very happy to share them with her former carers at the orphanage where she stayed for a few months (she couldn't be adopted from foster care, so she went to live in an orphanage for a few months, from where her foster dad picked her up every morning to take her to her old school) and with her foster family. I like her excitement to write letters and talk to them online, because if it lasts, it should help her keep her Armenian. 

And now.... meeting!


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