Monday, July 5, 2010

Waking up to being a father of 7

Last night when I got in the younger two were already asleep. Kevin let Noa stay up, and she was excited to wait for me. We had a late late dinner together, then she went to bed. I got a little less than 4 hours of sleep. After the kids woke up Noa helped me fix breakfast (we have talked online for the last 3 weeks on the webcam we borrowed from Chalin) and Kevin got the li'l twinsies dressed. Noa warmed up to me immediately, and by the time breakfast was over Ezra was sitting on my lap watching cartoons. :)

Noa is picking up English fast. We throw in some sign language, and we get along just fine. She speaks Armenian with Kevin and Kevin's mom. She keeps correcting their mistakes, and that makes Kevin's Armenian improve by the day. She doesn't try to speak Armenian to me, though.

The li'l twins are both walking, running, jumping, and rolling all over the place and yes, they are daytime potty trained. Their skin is a LOT lighter than it seemed over the webcam and their hair is not as dry and curly as I thought. They don't speak much yet, and are quickly replacing their existing Armenian words with English. :(


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