Saturday, August 21, 2010

1 week home

So we have all been home as a family for a week. It has been such an interesting week. 

Do you remember how Ezra has trouble sleeping while we were in the States? Well, luckily, that has resolved itself and Ezra is now sleeping well at night. He started to nap in the afternoons with Shiri a few days ago. He seems a lot more regulated. He is still not really speaking, we can distinguish about 4 words (3 in Armenian, one in English) at this point. On Thursday was his appointment with the cardiologist, eye surgeon and developmental pediatrician. We got the eye surgery scheduled, (September 6), a follow up cardiology appointment in October after he turns 2, and a possible heart surgery in about 8 months time. That will be scheduled later.

The developmental ped ordered genetics to see why some of the delays Ezra has. In his paperwork from Armenia it says that he is generally delayed due to prenatal alcohol exposure, but then his twin sister is not only not delayed, but is advanced in some areas. Ezra also lacks all the facial markers (which I know is not a decisive factor), and there is no known history of maternal alcohol consumption. The developmental pediatrician thinks that it is not FASD (though it could be), but it is more connected to the heart and kidney issues Ezra has been having since birth. We are not 100% sure at this point.

Shiri is yapping away in English a lot. Noa still speaks to them in Armenian (and so does Kevin quite often), but now she is speaking her English words to the boys and me. She loves our dog and the goldfish. Unfortunately, she loves to feed the goldfish as well, which resulted in a sudden decline in the goldfish population. Luckily she cannot reach the big fishtank. She is loving the Red Sea and that she got to see dolphins yesterday!

Noa... Sweet Noa is fitting right in with the boys. Like 5 peas in a pod. She is into all mischief with them. She is actually picking up some Hungarian from them. Crazy, I know. She is also teaching them Armenian words, so now they speak an Armenian dialect of Hunglish between each other. Funny, because this way we absolutely have no idea what they are up to. I am thinking about producing a paper on their makeshift language, so maybe I can use it for a home assignment or something.

The boys are happy to be back to Israel - even P! He had a lovely time in Hungary, and he had a lovely time in Ireland, and he is having a lovely time back home now. He is loving visiting great-grandma in Eilat. Actually, he loves the fact that as he has been here once before, he is showing Noa around the place. All too cute. :)


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