Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost Back To School

Around this time of the year I always suddenly wake up and start to wonder: shouldn't the seasons be changing? As we prepare to start the 5771 school year (the new  year starts about a week into the school year), I expect autumn to quietly slip into the world. It probably is doing that in other areas of the Northern Hemisphere that actually have four seasons. I get nostalgic for my own childhood memories when all the back to school excitement takes over. We finished up shopping this morning as we fought our way through two designated bookstores and then went to the younger kids' school's open house in the afternoon, and now 4 schoolbags are all packed, 3 uniforms laid out to be worn in the morning, and 5 lunch bags (Kevin needs one, too!) are waiting in the fridge to be taken to school in the morning. 

As a final preparation to start the school year, Craig put up a count down chart, leading to May 14, 2011. No, that won't be the end of the school year. Far from that. It's going to be the date of the Eurovision Song Contest final!* :) So now we are all set to start serious work. The boys will go to school in the morning, the little ones will go to my SIL's daycare, and Noa and I will start serious home school work. 
Autumn is slowly, quietly arriving.

*Of course we have no idea if Israel will particpate at all with Yom Hazikaron being so close to the semi finals.


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