Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The magic box

While the adults of the family visited the US, Hungary, Armenia and Ireland this summer, they all bought various "cool stuff" for the kids. Even grandpa, who arrived a day after us from the States brought two suitcases full of awesomeness for the grandkids. There were toys, games, DVDs, books, sweets, clothes, all kinds of fascinating things. 

The other day Feri (one of the Marzell boys, from the shipping company) brought over a box I asked them to bring for us from Hungary. My kids were ecstatic when they opened it! There was much cheering, happy shouting, jumping around and many thank yous. 

The boy contained school books from Hungary. Reading, writing, grammar and music for the younger kids, literature, history, grammar and geography for Craig. Since then I had to teach several lessons, even though I didn't want to start Hungarian School till after Rosh Hashanah. 

They are working. Learning is easier for some of them than for the others, but the enthusiasm is there: move at your own pace. Learn for yorself rather than for the tests, the school, the teacher's expectations. One of my boys is still finishing up last year's workbook. Another one is on lesson 4 of this year's. It doesn't matter. The only thing you take with you, an LDS bishop used to say, is what you know. And my children want to know as much as possible.


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