Sunday, December 5, 2010


We dropped Kevin off at the airport yesterday, he is arrived in Salt Lake City sometime today. Yes, this is one of the reasons for canceling Tzfat... I really can't say much, but we are busy fundraising ever since we knew that Kevin was going to have to go back to the States. Part of our fundraising efforts included creating gingerbread house sets, of which we made 20 that Kevin took with him (he can travel practically without any clothes if he goes to SLC). With plenty of bubble wrap it was reported not one of the pieces broke! We had some more gingerbread goodies, a dozen of handmade kipot (yarmulkes), several kitchen towel sets (thanks to my SIL Maya) and 3 Images of the Holy Land scrapbooking sets (thanks to my step-mom Miriyam) that will, hopefully all sell at the fundraising event my MIL set up for us. She will add a couple of items, as well as some of the things we couldn't sell at the fundraising fail (not a typo, lol) we had for the Armenian adoption. Plus Kevin i  selling a bunch of our CD's of music from Israel (bye-bye Harel Skaat Debut Album!)

Now, I have no idea what to ask for the gingerbread house sets. They include four pre-cut wall, two piece roof, depending on the design either with or without a chimney, a bag and instructions for the icing (though not the ingredients), about 25 pieces of candy for decorating, and a gingerbread pine tree. I have seen some sets around $10 at the grocery store, would it be too much to ask for the same for home made versions? Everything else we have a pretty good idea.

Now, on this fine Chanukah day... Enjoy Yerachmiel Ziegler's contribution to the world of Chanukah songs.


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