Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looking forward to Purim

We lit the last Chanukah candle last night. Today Craig and Bella are back to school, the others start Sunday. We had so much fun with the kids this past week. 

Today is the fundraising occasion in UT, keep your fingers crossed that we can raise at least $300, as it's pretty mucg our only chance. Kevin is flying home tomorrow, home on Saturday. Finally! He will have another week long trip either in late January or early February... And by that time we need to raise several thousand dollars. 

Having Bella here has been great the last two days. The longest stretch we had her before she funally moved in was a week, and there were some friction between her and Craig, who feels his position is threatened by someone older than him in the family. I know we said we were not looking to adopt at this time, unless it was one of the siblings of our children, plus we were going to keep Craig the oldest, but really, it's not an adoption situation with her.

*momentary break while I recover from the shock caused by the Chanukah Snuggie comercial that can be found here. Who'd buy a Snuggie for Chanukah, really?*  

So, having a teenager in the house is not an easy thing, but it definitely has some perks! Bella can and love sto cook, and she is a strong believer in doing dishes by hand and steaming them in the diswasher, to keep them both clean and disinfected. She is very good with the little ones, which is great, considering that soon she'll have her own little one to take care of.


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