Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shabbat Shalom!

Finally, the Shabbat is here!

Yesterday was a great day, we all went to see the current Narnia movie. Made the mistake of going to see in in 3D, some of us ended up with pretty bad headaches. We went to an early show, then grabbed some pizza. and headed home as some of Bella's friends from school came over for a belated birthday party (her birthday was last week, but the girls couldn't make it down from North then), and they ended up making lots of lots of fries, with various sauces. I kinda freaked her friends out with eating mine with vinegar at first, but hey, I'm Irish! They ended up trying it, though, and some of them were converted. The girls stayed home with Kevin and Matthew, and the rest of us went to shul for the evening services. The girls fixed a perfect Shabbat dinner for us when we got home.

This morning we got up fairly early, as the parents of our guests are picking them up around 9. We all had a nice breakfast and now everyone is getting ready for an exciting day!

My kids are all excited about the prospect of a wet beach trip.the expected high is in the low 20s (Celsius, of course), so lunch (and hot tea + coffee) by the sea is something that sounds good to the kids. We shall see how it turns out. :)
We are now back from the beach, where we had a lovely time. The 20°C my kids interpret as short sleeves weather, so it was Converse shoes (that got soaked in sea water), jeans and tee shirts. It was great to have a quick lunch and then come home for movies and more coffee. Now the kids are getting ready for bed, Kevin started the fire (first time ever!) and we will watch Sherlock Holmes, probably with Bella and Craig. Such a lovely beginning of the week!


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