Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brown and Pink

When we brought Noa home she hated pink. Like with a fiery passion. It was a hard job having an 8-year-old girl who woldn't wear any pink. In today's world it's increasingly more difficult to avoid pink in girls' clothing. Luckily we managed to start her wardrobe with a few blues and blacks and whites. It got kinda boring, to be honest.

Then I found out that my daughter loves brown. And now you know what looks really cute with brown? Pink. And it's not only me, who thinks that, but Noa, too.

The other day we were hanging out in the kitchen, Noa and I. I was peeling potatoes and she was coloring. As she was working on the outfit of the little girl, she pulled out the never used pink pencil and started to color little patterns on the soon-to-be brown shirt of the girl.

"Pink, eh?" I asked. I am a big fan of speaking eloquently with my kids.
"Yeah, vardagooyn," she replied. Time for me to learn my colors in Armenian.
"You don't like pink... erm, vardagooyn."
"I like it with shaganakagooyn," she answered with a mischievous smile.
"I'll just call it brown, okay?" No way I'd ever be able to pronounce shag...shaganaka...brown.
She looked at me and raised one of her eyebrows.
"Call it brown."
"So if I buy you a pink shirt, will you wear it?"
"Pink shoes?"
"Pink skirt?"
"But if it has brown?"
"Oh yes."

The weird thing? Not 24 hours later happymom4 posted a photo of a lovely skirt that her daughter upcycled from a T-shirt as a fundraiser item for their adoption of Katya. While it sold before I could say anything more about it, Hope Anne said that they will have a brown one available, too. And a blue one. I love them! And so does Noa... so guess who is considering the brown upcycled skirt? Oh yes... yours truly. Unless someone in the States will want it more (international shipping is not too friendly) and faster. But yeah... Brown and pink, here we come!

Photo stolen from happymom4.


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