Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remarks by my sons

Thursday night I popped a DVD in, one that was compiled by Craig and Bella, containing music videos. Just some perfect background music for the evening. The last video on the DVD was Im Hu Yelech by Harel Skaat (who else?). Im Hu Yelech (If he goes) is a beautiful song and it has a great video. It was even voted as best music video the year it came out.

The last verse of the song translates* as

If He Will Go, Smile At Him
If He Will Go, Don't Cry
If He Will Go, Then Let Him
And You'll Know When He Goes
Don't Forget And Understand
That It Wasn't Your Fault!

To which one of my sons responded to, "Of course it wasn't your fault, he is gay, duh!"

Before anyone decides to chew me out on my son calling someone gay, Harel Skaat had a public coming out in October. His love songs are still awesome, though.

*Translation nabbed from here.


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