Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seder headache

OK, so we still have a week before Pesach (Passover) Seder. But it seems that whole week will be swallowed up trying to find a solution of who goes where and when to fit everyone.

Let's just start with the fact that two of the children/youth in my home are not Jewish. One of them expressed that he'd like to not participate in the Seder, and to be honest, organizing a sleepover for him has not been easy. He, being the great person he is, offered to just suck it up and lock himself up in his room with his music and books, but I'd much rather have him have some fun. We had something planned for him, but because of certain things going on he prefers not to visit that family. We are at the point of "I might just come upstairs and eat with you" as of just right now, "and watch Dr Who while you are doing religion."

My other non-Jewish kid is... Bella. And it's getting super complicated with having Baby Harel, Harel's dad and Bella's other family, and our family... and unlike in the Diaspora, we only have one Seder. (In the Diaspora the first two nights of Passover are Seders.) Bella's other family is now "safe", so they could go up to spend Seder there, and also they could go to Kirill's family, which Kirill would really like. Bella, however, doesn't want to spend the night elsewhere with the baby, so someone would have to bring them home late at night. It might work that Kirill comes to celebrate with us, but it's understandable that his parents would like to spend some time with their grandson. Of course day trips to Hadera and them visiting us during the Pesach vacations can be arranged. I feel like Bella would like to just stay home and have Kirill visit. And possibly his parents and sister. In which case I need to head down send someone to IKEA to get some more chairs.

A joyful thing is that my twin brother Daniel is coming for Pesach with his daughter, and he is going to stay with us. I'm super excited about that. I really miss him. My dad and step-mom are going to Eilat for the holidays with their kids, and we are still not sure if Efi will be home for Seder or not. So you can see, getting it all ready... has been a challenge when I don't even know how many people will be sitting around the table and how many kids will be looking for the afikomen... And please click on the piece of matzah below.



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