Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21

Today my sons Justin and Matthew turned 8. They were born on the evening of the day that saw the then newest Harry Potter book, and they almost got named Harry and Ron. Or Fred and George. Lucky for all of us, in Hungary in case of a C-section names are recorded to be sent to the registrar before the birth. So we stuck to the names we chose ahead of time. 

Today they are 8, and I could sense their grandma's sadness as she called to wish them a happy birthday. If they'd be LDS, like the rest of the family, they'd be getting baptized soon. I left the LDS church before they were born, but I still view turning 8 as a milestone.

I spent most of their birthday at a hospital, where Yonah was supposed to have surgey at 6 a.m. So we did the cake thing at sunset, so Yonah could have at least some juice and whatnot. Of course the surgery was kept being pushed back to 9, 12, 4 and 7... finally, at 7:30 p.m. we were told it was rescheduled for 6 a.m. tomorrow... Too early for Yonah to have a meal... Argh. I was home in the afternoon with the kids, taking them to the park and doing homework, and finally getting around to ordering the cake for their party on Friday. Then headed back to the hospital expecting Yonah to go into surgery... which, of course, didn't happen. 

The twins are pretty easygoing about their messed up birthday. It happens more years than not. They had a party at school, and we will do gifts on Friday. Yonah has been a trooper, but not having eaten for 24 hours, being on very limited pain meds for his knee and having had very little liquids all day is catching up to him. He is not happy about the prospect of spending the night in hospital, but he was even less thrilled about the idea of getting up at 4 a.m. again. I still have to get up then, though...


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