Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Dog Question

It's been a while since my first, and only dog, my service puppy Gombóc passed away. I initially said I'd never have a dog again, first because they are long term full time commitment, second because I'm afriad of dogs, third, because I don't want to be the one who ends up having to take it on walks.

But then one afternoon Kevin asked, "Why not get a puli?" At that point I knew we were getting a dog. A puli, to be specific. Like the one Mark Zuckerberg's Beast. Except probably black. Pulis are kind of like our family: they come from Hungary, are noisy and playful. So a Puli it will be.

Pulis are herding dogs, so they would totally be able to herd my large and noisy family, you know, keep kids together and stuff. And I'm also only half kidding. They are also great guard dogs. And playful. And they'd love to join Kevin for hist twice daily 4 mile runs.

We are thinking of names, too. One idea was naming our potential puli Bob Marley, and buying him a Jamaican hat or two, but Kevin thinks that would be cruel. The hat part, that is. Which I have to agree with.

The next idea came from one of our boys, to name the dog Izhar, so his full name would be Izhar Cohen. That we also found a good idea. Just in case you have never seen 1978 Eurovision Song Contest winner Izhar Cohen, here is a photo of him (and the previous link will take you to the winning song).

Before anyone chastises me for getting a dog from a breeder rather than a rescue dog, there are some things I want to know about a dog that I'm bringing into my family. That includes its whole life story and any possible trauma background. I also want a young puppy, and the one I'm getting in about 3 weeks time is just what I want. Also, we have two choices of puppies, both of them are male, but both of them having some irregular colour/markings, so they wouldn't be good for competitions and such. We also know the breeder, I used to tutor her kids in English, so instead of charging a reduced fee, we get our puppy free.

So, in about 3 weeks time, we will be the proud owners (or slaves) of a cute little furball we'll name Izhar. Or Bob Marley.


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