Sunday, October 30, 2011

A post in bullet points

  • Watching River Cottage Christmas Special. I love all the River Cottage shows, because they make me smile. And there are great ideas I can use for my own family and kitchen!

  • Hungary has Oreo Milka. I stocked up on it. Please help me ignore the fact that they are not kosher.

  • I hope my blogging friend Ramona is staying safe. Islamic Jihad has the southern part of Israel under attack again, once again attacking our schools and civillian populations. School has been canceled in the South and everyone is on high alert.

  • Yesterday when I was talking to Craig, he told me that they all went camel riding and body boarding on Friday.

  • I'm getting the puppy tomorrow in the morning and then we fly home early in the afternoon. I'm so excited about that!

  • I went grocery shopping early in the morning, so my kids should be super happy with the amount of yummies I'm taking back with me.

  • While I was out shopping I gave thanks once again that I'm not a woman when I saw how much tampons and sanitary pads cost. 

  • Two packages are put together to be mailed to two Xangans. The trick is, I completely forgot there was gonna be a 4-day-weekend in Hungary. They'll get mailed with the office mail.

  • I find the ads that pop up on the bottom of Xanga highly annoying, especially because I'm a Premium user.

  • Thanks to @bogarantyu for reminding me of Michael von der Heide! I really liked his Eurovision song in 2010, but never heard anything else by him. So here is my current MvdH song, Himmelbett:

  • I'm making a beef goulash, not much different from the one @Cestovatelka shared with Xanga today and will have 3 former co-workers over.


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