Monday, November 28, 2011

To add to the wishlist I have no right to have

How could anyone not love this Monopoly game? OK, if it was the Tenth Doctor, it could be even better, but still! I'd love to have it if I didn't already have more gifts for Chanukah than I could ever hope for!


  1. Hello Hevel! I find your story fascinating. I wish I had more time to check out your site. I have never heard of Jewish LDS. Are you working with social services in Israel, or are your recent adoptions private? I will be back to your blog to visit I'm sure!

  2. Cool Monopoly game. :)
    I have collected a few versions myself. Disney, National Parks, A Christmas Story. lol...
    I have to admit I went to check out your amazon wish list, but I am guessing you haven't updated that for awhile. It still lists you as living in Hungary. :p
    Hugs, Jon

  3. I know, I suck. I can't remember my Amazon password. :) And I bought half of what I have on that list already!



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