Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!
Art by the great Tomi Köves. You can purchase his art as prints, cards, bookmarks, mugs, magnets here

Few songs mean Christmas to me more than the carol, born out of the collaboration of a Catholic priest and a headmaster in rural Austria in 1818. Nearly 200 years later, this song is still sung all over the world, but people, who believe their saviour is the child mentioned in the song, and by those, who don't, but appreciate beautiful music. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or the fun 6th night of Chanukah, or celebrating both, or are just getting ready for Kwanzaa, or not having anything to celebrate right now, because your faith's holidays are at some other time, I wish you a blessed and happy day!

Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. Thanks, Hevel! I love the artwork. Reminds me of the song I sent you; I keep meaning to tell Billy that he just missed the boat by not showing a bunch of priests dancing to the Chanukah song.

  2. Oh yes, I loved that song! It is nice and chanukah-y!



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