Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I got a package!

I got a package from Andi. It had an adventorous journey to get to me. On the last leg of the journey it was my twin brother, who was made to sweat by the package. No, not the 4 kg weight caused the sweating, but getting food through customs. Because, contrary to what Andi said, the package didn’t contain a brick but…
Yes, that’s honey. Andi’s parents are beekeepers, and this honey is from their bees. Very yummy and perfect for my sore throat.
There were other things in that package, too!
És tökéletesen illenek a blogom nevéhez.
There are 4 retro style Coca Cola glasses! I love those! They look so cool! And they fit my blog’s name perfectly! That’s still not everything!
My name plaque arrived, too! If you’d like one, too, especially made for you, then go to Kérj bármit! The site is only in Hungarian at this point, but leave a comment, and I’ll give you their e-mail address or something, so you can work details out in email. Two members of our family already have their name plaques, so there are only 14 to go! And there is more! There are rulers (metric) and other fun stuff you can check out on the page.
In one of the many raffles on the Kérj bármit! Facebook page, I won an original drawing. It came in this package, too.

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