Sunday, October 25, 2009

100th post giveaway

5 people entered.

I decided not to struggle with You are all winners.

Please email your address to hevel dot cohen and gmail dot com.

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  1. Hevel! I have no idea how you can make CD', if it's difficult, put me last on the list of 5 and don't worry about it. IF you want to do this, my favorite new songs are Alison Krauss (It Doesn't Matter---sniff sniff, ouch, hurts so deeply), Misty Edwards (You Won't Relent") and Jesus Culture (Chris Quilala "Your Love Never Fails"), Kim Walker ("Where You Go I Go" = Naomi and Ruth) (Kim has a very deep voice so you might be able to "hear" it. She also does "You Won't Relent") Ask me which RICH MULLINS songs I love!

    My (suicide 1954-2004) younger sister Leslie converted to Judaism about 1980...Are there any Jewish songs you think might help me heal? I remember the full Jewish wedding we did to support her, kosher kitchen...Klezmer, dancing...

    Bless you...Michal



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