Friday, November 6, 2009

In the US it's Adoption Awareness Month.

But is it really Adoption awareness or a very one-sided celebration?

Please read a birth mother's thoughts on this.


  1. Hevel,
    I really dislike these "Created Hallmark Holidays".
    I'm glad they at least call it adoption awareness instead of adoption celebration.

    I do wish folks wouldn't walk up and say, "Hey did you know this was AAW? duh..... right in front of the girls, like we are supposed to have our own personal party or something.

    It is good to make folks aware that adoption is an option, both for birth mothers who do not wish to, or cannot parent, and also for those who cannot birth children but would love to have a family.

    It would be odd to have national birth mother awareness month, or national adoptee month or national adoptive parent month, so I think they try to put them all together.
    The problem is, somebody's gain, is because of somebody else's loss. AND THERE IS LOSS!
    As adoptive parents we had better realize that and understand that our children have suffered.

    I feel a blog post coming on.

  2. Christie, I have to completely agree with you! There is loss and it's not only the birth parents' loss, but the adoptees' loss, and often the loss of the adoptive parents as well, who cannot have biological children.



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