Friday, November 6, 2009

We are still going to Bulgaria!

Well, no, not to adopt, after all. It seems that the Bulgaria program is now suspended and we are being pressured into adopting from the agency's "pet" countries, some of which are non-Hague countries. We are especially being stirred towards Ukraine. I am not sure what we will end up doing, but we are going to Bulgaria in the summer! For a holiday!

You might ask, "Why do you travel from one hot, sandy, beautiful seaside to another?" The answer is... because it's Bulgaria! We spent a wonderful two weeks in Burgas a few years ago, and I had been there a few times as a kid.

Summer plans have changed once again, and I am afraid pretty much this means the end of Szarvas participation for my boys--at least for a few years. As much as Craig enjoyed his first time, and as much as it has been our "tradition", I have to realise that whatever was ideal for my generation, it might not be that for the next one.

Also: Still laughing that hypocrite known as Miss California. Not that I ever look at TMZ, but I believe when they say they have the video with her doing some "Biblically inapropriate things!"

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