Saturday, December 26, 2009

24 hours later

P has been with us for a full 24 hours now.  So far o good. He is sharing a room with the boys, with he and Craig sleeping in the loft and the twins sleeping downstairs. They were up quite late, even though they all went to bed at my boys' regular bedtime, but they were awake chatting for quite a while afterwards.

Waking them up at 6 a.m. was a whole another matter. :-) Four grumpy, tired boys are not fun. Luckily some eggs and sausages cheered them up.

Because of prior commitments both last night and this morning we went to shul. Yesterday was P's very first time in a synagogue - though he says his parents took him to the Dohány Synagogue when they were sightseeing in Budapest. All things considered, he behaved like a pro. P is definitely used to sitting quietly in church like settings.

We found out a little more about his background, and it does not change my stand on disruption one bit: rather it reinforces the belief that whoever dsrupst should never be allowed to adopt again.

Just fed the boys (try explaining why you shouldn't put cheese in your turkey sandwich to a kid who has never been exposed to the kashrut) and they are now taing showers and getting into their pyjamas. Tomorrow is a school day for the boys (we still need to ask P's parents which day is the full day off for his school) and they will have to get up  ealier than usual so we can get all 4 of them to their respective schools. There is, however, still plenty of time tonight to watch The Princess Bride in our pyjamas on the new couch.

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