Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time flies

P's family lives in a town about 45 km (28 miles) from Tel Aviv. Let's call this town H. That is where P attends school. I was somewhat concerned about his reunion with his siblings, but he quite cheerfully told me that all his siblings were home schooled, only he went to school, as his mother couldn't manage him. Quite sobering to hear from an almost-9-year-old's mouth, but probably true.

After 48 hours, one thing seems to be for sure: P is not going home. His parents, however, don't really want him to stay with us. The problem is not that we are gay, but that we aren't Christian. They, however, suggest that P stays with us till a more apropriate (meaning Christian) family can be located, also suggesting we continue to drive him 28 miles each way twice a day to school (to a school that runs on a different schedule than the rest of Israel with not having the same day off) as it would be traumatic for him to switch schools twice in a few months' time. Is it only me who sees the irony in the parents not thinking that switching families twice would be traumatic for a child?

That said, as we find out more about P's background we realize that the adoption was doomed to fail from the first moment, as there were considerable issues on the parents' side during the in-country parenting experience as well, but, they decided to go through with the adoption so they could adopt P's older half sisters. (A Hungarian lawyer friend who lived here in Israel for a while says there is some risk that the sibling group has to stay together if the disruption happens in Israel, but that might not be the case after all.) 

P is doing really well so far. He and the boys hit it off great from the first moment. So far so good. We are still very much undecided and unconvinced at this point about what we really need to do. Giving it time.

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